Deanna Ronson Style and Image Consulting, provides fashion/wardrobe styling for professional business women and men (we also have experience assisting professional photographers on set & styling fashion runway shows). 

Our most popular package consists of Wardrobe Analysis, Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Integration and includes the following steps:

1. We will come to you home to conduct a wardrobe audit/revamp. We will see what clothes are working & what clothes are not.
2. We will establish a personalized wardrobe checklist & add garments that are needed via a personal shopping trip.
3. We will conduct a pre-shopping trip, then, have you meet meet at the designated store(s), to try on & purchase clothes.
4. We will show you how to co-ordinate your new clothing items with your old.
5. We will create a final, personalized “look-book” for you, with photos of the various ways to wear garments in your wardrobe. 


From Heather Reid, owner of Planner Protect (, a boutique consulting agency that helps event planners negotiate fair and balanced contracts for their corporate events:
“Life, before and after, Deanna!” This is how I describe my personal style appointment with Deanna of Deanna Ronson Styling and Imaging Consulting! As a large-frame woman, Deanna made me comfortable instantly and spent our appointment time building up the positives and showing me how to dress to flatter and make a personal statement with colour and cut. With her guidance that day, I purchased 3 suit jackets – in fire engine red, fuschia, and lime green & a coral blouse! Colour!! What a wonderful change from always wearing shades of black! Those 3 purchases have been life-changing. When I wear any one of these structured, bright jackets in my professional life, I immediately feel strong and powerful… is like putting on a coat of confidence! In that same appointment, Deanna used her make-up talents to introduce me to new beauty products that complemented my new purchases! Never before had I donned “fire-engine red” lips….but again, confidence flows naturally whenever I wear it! All in all, my styling appointment with Deanna was an amazing experience! I would highly recommend Deanna’s services….give yourself the gift of her expertise….it will change you in ways you cannot imagine!”
Email:, or, call: 519-868-7187, for competitive rates, and answers to your questions.


Photo: Katelyn Landry; Styling: Deanna Ronson

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