Professional Make-up Artistry

Deanna Ronson is a professional make-up artist who provides services to clients London, Ontario & surrounding area. She holds a certificate in make-up artistry from Fanshawe College. Her creativity is influenced in part by her Hons. B. A. in Visual Arts (U. W. O). She has worked with many professional photographers, agency models and individual clients. Although her early work focused on fashion and runway makeup, today, Deanna specializes in makeup for professional business women & men. She excels at makeup for stage (professional speakers), video, television & photography (headshots & glamour portraits). 

Deanna resides in London, Ontario. She finds makeup artistry to be an extension of her love of the visual arts. Having studied painting in university, Deanna draws on her knowledge of colour theory, line and shape to make the most of her makeup techniques. She chooses the best colours, contouring and shading, to enhance your natural beauty. Deanna continues to improve her techniques by staying up to date with current trends.






From Pat Mussieux (, author, television personality, and, internationally acclaimed speaker:

“It is with great pleasure that I provide an endorsement for the work of Deanna Ronson for many reasons. I am very fussy about the professionals with whom I work – and to whom I introduce to my clients. I have worked with Deanna for a number of years now and what I appreciate most include her attention to detail; her high standards for creating a safe environment for my clients by taking sanitary & hygienic precautions (with her tools, products & work space – and THIS is one of the main reasons I continue to use her services! As I travel the world and hire make-up artists, I know for sure this is one area where Deanna stands out as THE true professional!!); working well on set, in a team environment & treating my own clients like VIPs.

Deanna has a broad range of talent having worked with me for stage, video & television projects. I have never been disappointed! And, when working with my clients on my projects, I know they have felt the magic of her work, resulting in tears of joy at the finished project.

I highly recommend Deanna as a very talented and professional make-up artist.”

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